Steven Warren

Current Rank:  Godan (SKIF) as of Mar '10


Time in training / Club:  May '69 to present / Rochester Dojo


Steven Warren is the chief instructor of the Rochester Recreation Shotokan Karate Club and of the University of New Hampshire Shotokan Karate Club. He has been teaching traditional Shotokan karate-do as a certified instructor for 35 years. He holds ranking in many traditional Shotokan organizations including the Japan Karate Association (JKA) and the Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF).


After receiving his shodan degree in 1975, he organized, founded and developed the UNH Shotokan Karate Club which became the largest non-funded campus club sport. He has been instrumental in developing Shotokan Karate in New England since 1977.


Mr. Warren has competed successfully on a national and international level and as the team coach for the RRSKC and UNHSKC Karate Teams he has developed successful athletes including numerous national level champions. He holds an national A level rating as a tournament official and international certification and licensure as an instructor and examiner.


Mr. Warren maintains the philosophy that consistent hard basic training builds the foundation for good karate and for a good character. By assuming a non-commercial attitude with a non-profit status, this philosophy can exist without any temptation to compromise the training standards. Alignment with the City of Rochester, NH Recreation Department Mission Statement allows the club membership to be comprised of more family member involvement.


Mr. Warren holds ranking in kendo and practices studies jodo and taichi. Professional training include medicine, exercise prescription, commmunication and interpersonal skills. He is a certified ACEP and PPCT (Pressure Point and Control Tactics) instructor.