Dojo Rules of Etiquette


Always bow before entering and leaving the dojo
If you are late to class, kneel at the edge of the dojo floor and wait for an instructor to tell you to enter.  Then bow while still in the seiza position, and enter.
Do not chew gum or any other substance in class. It is considered disrespectful.
No talking during class.  If you have a question raise your hand.
Keep your uniform clean and tailored properly.  Sleeves should be hemmed to just above the wrist, pants to just above the ankle.  If your uniform becomes loose or untidy, turn away from the shomen and quickly fix it.  Do not wear, or let anyone else wear, your uniform unless it is for training.  NEVER wear it as a Halloween costume or for play!
Change your clothes in the appropriate changing rooms and keep the changing rooms neat and clean.  NEVER touch the possesions of others without their permission.  Stealing is grounds for immediate expulsion.
Keep your toenails and fingernails trimmed short and clean.  For safety reasons, jewelry must be removed or taped.  If you obtain any injury during training, inform the instructor immediately and he/she will administer first aid accordingly.
Address the senior black belt teaching classes as 'Sensei' or 'lastname Sensei', not by their first name.  If you need to refer to an instructor outside of the training area or when class is not in session, use 'Mister' or 'Ms" and their last name.  Senior students (usually black belts) should be referred to as 'Sempai'.
Always bow to the black belts when entering the dojo.  Bow to the senior instructor first, then to the other instructors in order of their rank. When bowing, say "OSS" loud and strong.
When an instructor asks if you understand, the entire class should answer with a loud 'OSU' or 'HAI' in unison.  If you do not understand, raise your hand and tell the instructor.
When in the dojo, if you need to move more than two steps, it is required to run.  Avoid a lazy attitude.
When moving in the dojo, never walk directly in front of someone unless it cannot be avoided.  It is polite to walk behind them and so as to not put yourself in a position to be attacked.
At the beginning of class while lining up and bowing to each other, recite 'Onegaishimasu'.  This should also be recited prior to sparring with a partner. Oneigashimasu is a request for help and guidance.
After class is over and the senior student has recited the Dojo Kun, bow toward the instructor and say 'Osu!'.  The second time you bow recite 'Domo Arigato Gozaimashita'.  This is a very polite form of thanking the instructor for his teaching.