Membership Fees

There are two levels of Membership available for students. These are a Trial Membership and a Registration Membership. The Trial Membership allows new potential students to evaluate the program for two weeks without additional expense beyond the Trial Membership fee of $15.00. If after the trial the student wishes to join with a full membership, the Trial Membership fee is credited toward the Registration Membership fees. Registration Membership fees are comprised of monthly dues, annual fees for insurance and SKIF membership and allow training on Saturdays and participation in club sponsored events.


Registration Fees, Club Dues and Payment Modes (modified 1/1/2010)


Junior (age 4 to 17) Adult (age 18+ ) Family (3 or more)
One Time Registration Fee $25 each member
Annual SKIF Membership $15 each member
Annual Insurance $15 each member
One class $10.00 $10.00 $30.00
One Week $20.00 $20.00 $50.00
One Month $25.00 $40.00 $70.00
Quarterly (5% discount) $71.25 $114.00 $199.50
Semester (UNH students only) - $30 -
Semi-Annually (10% discount) $135.00 $216.00 $378.00
Annually (15% discount) $255.00 $408.00 $714.00
Examination Fees (exams held in Jan, May, Sept) $35 each
SKIF Passbook $10 for book; $2 for validation stamp ($12 total)


Private classes are scheduled by appointment Mondays or Saturdays - $25/hour 


Dues payments are due on the first day of each payment period.  Payments should be mailed with the appropriate payment coupon, or paid in person, prior to the first class of the period.  Payments for daily or weekly training sessions should be paid in advance of the training period.  Credit may be given to payments made when less frequent modes are chosen.  


Member Registration Fee

The membership registration fee for a student who trains regularly is a one time administration fee.  Members who want to keep their membership active may suspend their membership for up to six months for unscheduled leave of absence.  Without membership suspension, the registration fee and prorated membership fees will be charged rather than paying back dues to reinstate the membership.  Note that the SKIF fees and insurance are due on January 1st and must be current during any membership suspension.


Annual Insurance Fee

The annual insurance fee must be paid prior to becoming a registered member in order to train in any club.  Insurance provides benefits during training and is mandatory.  Due to organizational insurance regulations, no member will be allowed to train without this coverage.


SKIF Annual Dues

Annual membership fees for the SHOTOKAN KARATE-DO INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION is a required membership that but must be paid each January 1st.  The SKIF membership qualifies the participant to receive evaluations and registered ranking.  Membership also affords the member reduced entrance fees for special events such as clinics and camps.  SKIF fees must be kept current in order for a student to suspend membership during any absence.



Regular examinations are an integral part of any training program.  Ranking examinations are given in February, May, August, November and at many special training events throughout the year.  Information about the next scheduled exam and exam results are always accessible from the Examination page.  In order to take the exam, the examinee must be over the age of four and must have competed at least three months training or have special permission of the instructor.  Also, current dues and annual fees must be paid, and the exam fee must be paid.  Examinations are optional. Skill requirements and knowledge of the examination itself are prerequisites. Each examinee must be prepared.